About Us

As a designer of A Floral Memory, Sue hopes that her jewelry will be a lasting memory for all those she designs for. Her jewelry is a visual keepsake that brings back memories of special times or people. All of her pieces are made with the flowers people have given her to design a one of a kind piece of jewelry especially for them. Her hope is that you have a warm feeling, drift back in time, each time you use your floral memory.

A Floral Memory has been in business since 2010 and is dedicated to making your flowers into a lasting memory. That is why she goes the extra mile to assure that you whole heartily enjoy your unique piece/s of jewelry. Quality service is her main goal. The jewelry pictured on this site is just to give you ideas and suggestions. “Feel free to tell me your idea and together, we will try to make it just as you imagined it.” - Sue